Revolutionary new antenna pushes boundaries for industrial asset applications

The SlimLine A5531-E UHF Embedded Ground Antenna is a revolutionary, highly durable and rugged antenna for use in RFID industrial asset identification and tracking applications.

Based on the innovative and patented technology platform of the SlimLine ultra-low profile range of antennas, the A5531-E is pushing the boundaries of antenna design in the industrial workplace. This antenna can be uniquely embedded in concrete within a workplace floor and can withstand extremely high vehicular pressure loads and working temperature ranges. The A5531-E can be used in a range of industrial or tracking management scenarios ensuring excellent read-rate accuracy of tagged assets, where traditional RFID antennas have limited use because of their physical size.

The A5531-E is a highly desirable product for industrial applications, and we think it will create a tipping point for read rate accuracy in the industrial sector to get new RFID projects over the line.

Take a closer look at this revolutionary new antenna, and we look forward to learning more about your application - that will put you and Times-7 at the forefront of innovation in RFID!