Meet Our Team - Prabakar Parthiban

Prabakar has a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. With active skills in radio frequency simulation software and programming languages, Prabakar is a self-confessed ‘new generation’ lateral thinker. 

Prior to joining Times-7, Prabakar’s interest in computer networking resulted in him being certified by Cisco® as a Network Associate and Security Specialist. Prabakar also has hands-on experience designing laboratory radio frequency systems and Net-Gear antennas.  During his post-grad studies Prabakar worked on interesting and innovative projects such as ‘Forest Fire Detection in NZ’ and the ‘Smart Hedgehog Robot’.

As an RF Engineer at Times-7, Prabakar is focused on the R&D side of our UHF RFID antenna technology. As a key member of the R&D team, Prabakar utilises his skills and experience (including his lateral thinking), which enables him to accurately tune and further advance and develop our antenna product portfolio. Prabakar is also part of the quality control system at Times-7, and is part of the essential process responsible for ensuring that all antennas shipped to our customers are absolutely on par!

When not found in the RF chamber at Times-7, you will find Prabakar out and about with his camera doing a spot of photography – one of his major hobbies, alongside an active interest in tennis and pool.