Since 2023, Garry Lewis has been at the helm of the high-performing Times-7 team. Originally from the UK, he now calls Aotearoa, New Zealand, home. Garry brings a wealth of business management experience, having successfully launched and expanded several tech enterprises from the ground up across New Zealand, Europe, and globally.

With Garry's leadership, Times-7 continues its trajectory as the foremost global RAIN RFID antenna designer and manufacturer, boasting the most extensive antenna portfolio and unparalleled responsiveness to meet all our customer's project requirements.

Garry is committed to steering Times-7 towards a sustainable future and prioritises efficient operations, customer insights and collaboration with industry leaders. Together, they drive the creation of innovative product designs to meet industry needs and enhance people's lives through pioneering RAIN RFID solutions.

As a solution architect and engineer, Garry's professional journey commenced in the telco and network domain. Swiftly ascending through various managerial roles, he led and nurtured large technical services teams for international organisations. A seasoned entrepreneur, Garry founded and successfully sold his own business and started and managed several businesses for major corporations. Additionally, he generously shares his expertise as a Business Mentor at Business Mentor New Zealand, supporting the growth of small businesses. When not at the helm of Times-7, Garry is a keen sailor. He also enjoys fly fishing and spending time with his partner and friends.

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