SAG is a RFID Transponder solution company. SAG RFID Transponders can be utilized in various applications such as retail, logistics, healthcare, animal, government, public transport, entertainment and educational institutions for security and access control, loyalty program, time and attendance, asset management, asset tracking, and more.

UHF Keyfob

SAG Keyfob is constructed from durable PC (Polycarbonate) plastic and available in the 860~960MHz frequency range. It is designed for the secure personal identification and access control applications where photo IDs are not required.

UHF Flexible Laundry Tag

The SAG Flexible Laundry Tag is designed to for the challenging environments found in laundries. The soft, washable and flexible Laundry tag has a good read range and is suitable for all laundry, waterproof and high temperature applications.


RFID Readers

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