A1001 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna

A1001 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna A1001 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna

The A1001 is a small near-field short range UHF antenna. Read distance is from 0 to 10cm.

Some applications require only near zone tag detection. The A1001 is specifically designed for these applications. The A1001’s radiation intensity is highest at the antenna’s surface.  ‘Tap and go’ type applications are possible with the A1001 antenna. In the A1001 near-field antenna, polarization is not applicable as it uses the magnetic fields to communicate.

The antenna is polarization independent for a ‘near-field only’ tag. When a far-field tag is used with a near-field antenna at further distances from the antenna’s surface, then the far-field tag may be sensitive in one orientation compared to the other. Read our article Near-field Antennas for a more detailed explanation.



A1001 Technical Specifications
Dimensions 82 mm x 82 mm x 9.5 mm
Frequency Range 860- 960 MHz
Connector Type SMA female standard
Antenna Gain -20 dBi
Download Datasheet A1001 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna datasheet (PDF)

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