A5020 – Mounting Screws Do Not Affect RF Performance

The A5020 is a high-performing antenna with a small footprint and brilliant looks. If that isn’t enough: The A5020 makes solid deployment easy allowing many mounting options.

Unlike most other RFID antennas in the market, which need a VESA adapter to be mounted, the robust design of the A5020 supports flush mounting using screws.

The flush mounting holes integrated into the corners of the antenna housing are VESA spaced and can accommodate M6 and ¼” type bolts and M4 screws.

Screws don’t interfere with RF performance

Our test results show: Although the screw holes appear to be closer to the radiating antenna element, the screws do not interfere with the RF performance.

The same applies for mounting plates (or brackets). The RF performance is not impaired by using VESA mounting bolts.

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