A6020 Slimline Portal Wins at 2010 Wellington Gold Awards

Times-7's A6020 Slimline Portal has won the Discovering Gold Award for Research & Development Projects at the 2010 Wellington Gold Awards. The 2010 Winners were announced on Wednesday May 19th at The TSB Arena. The Awards, which are in their twelfth year, cover industry sectors ranging from creative to infrastructure, from manufacturing to IT, exporting to small business. There are also two best practice awards: for sustainability and workplace safety practices.

Times-7's A6020 SlimLine portal for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in baggage handling is a complete offering targeted at systems integrators in the airport sector. The portal leverages Times-7's patented antenna technology and includes Times-7's exclusive and unique A6011 Underbelt antenna.

The A6020 SlimLine portal provides a 360 degree read zone for energizing RFID tags attached to luggage. By using RF technology instead of optical scanning, the accuracy of correct luggage identification increases from 85% with barcodes to 99.5%+ with RFID. Times-7's antennas are engineered to create a circularly polarized field, enabling the RFID label to be read in any orientation. The under-belt antenna is protected by a high-impact strength, low friction, low-profile cover to withstand the constant movement of the conveyor belt and the collisions of the baggage.

Times-7's antenna technology is accelerating the roll-out of RFID into airports around the world. The A6020 and A6011 (also available separately) are making waves with international airlines and airports converting from barcode scanning to RFID tracking.

"The innovation of the A6020 SlimLine portal and A6011 Underbelt antenna is accelerating export revenue growth for Times-7. Since their release and exhibition at a European trade show in October 2009, we have added a number of new customers," says Times-7 CEO Antony Dixon.

"The SlimLine antennas can also be easily configured for use in all conveyor applications such as agricultural, horticultural and meat processing plants and bottling lines, or any industry where conveyor systems are employed to move products or assets. This is a technology with a huge amount of potential and our investment in research and development has ensured that we are well placed to take the lead in its deployment across a range of industries," says Dixon.