Times-7 at RFID Journal Live! 2017

As one of the fastest growing RFID antenna manufacturer and specializing in UHF antennas, Times-7 was proud to present their wide range of ultra-slim antennas at the largest RFID event in the world. The internationally renowned show offered Times-7 a great environment to present themselves to a consistently growing customer base and to strengthen their leading position in the fast-developing RFID market.

“The show was very successful for Times-7” states US based Times-7 Sales Manager Scott Parker. “It provided a great opportunity to highlight our new 5x5 A5020 antenna as well as our capability to design and manufacture custom antennas to provide effective RFID for individual requirements. The response was very positive and we are looking forward to following up a great number of new opportunities.”

What the Times-7 team on site enjoyed most was the chance to meet their partners and end-customers in person. Prabakar Parthiban, who was in huge demand as Times-7’s leading design and development engineer, was pleased with the positive feedback they received: “It was great to meet our end-customers. What I liked most was to hear how great our antennas perform.”

“We were overwhelmed with compliments on our antennas’ performance and were delighted to hear that our customers simply love our beautiful antennas” added Times-7’s CEO Jos Kunnen. The team also appreciated the opportunity to be able to listen to their customers’ stories about their RFID solutions and received valuable feedback on how they can improve Times-7’s antennas to meet their customers’ needs.

Encouraged by the hugely positive feedback from the impressive show and armed with important insights into the RFID market, the Times-7 team returned home raring to go and with lots of ideas for new state-of-the-art UHF RFID antennas.