Times-7 RTAS and A5530 now improved

Our ground mat antennas are part of the unique and innovative Times-7 range of UHF antennas, well-known for their high quality durability and slim styles. To maintain our high standards, Times-7 has redesigned the RTAS and A5530 to make them more robust and easier to set up.

Snap on connector for extended cable life-time

Although our mat antennas are designed to withstand high strain, occasional unintended damage can occur, for instance by forcefully pulling on the mats in the field or tripping over an exposed cable. Because of the nature of the standard SMA connector the applied force on the cable can lead to costly cable breakages.

To avoid unnecessary costs in terms of material and time, Times-7 has now integrated an intentional weak link, called an SMB connector. This connector is placed between the antenna’s pigtail and the extension lead that connects the RFID reader. When accidentally pulled, it will now easily disconnect before damage occurs, and can then be readily reconnected.

Negligible loss difference measured

When tested against the traditional SMA connection, the suggested SMA-SMB adaptor showed a measured loss of ~0.2 dB over ETSI (865 MHz to 868 MHz) and FCC (902 MHz to 928 MHz) RFID frequencies. This loss is acceptable for RFID use cases. For detailed information about the loss measurements conducted by our Senior RF Engineer Prabakar, please contact us: info@times-7.com

For detailed technical information for the RTAS, A5530L and A5530C, please refer to the datasheets.