Times-7 expands into the South American market

Times-7, a leading manufacturer of UHF RFID antenna technology announced today that it has partnered with ACURA Global, a provider of RFID solutions in Brazil, South America.

ACURA is known for their versatile expertise as well as their long standing successful commitment in the Brazilian RFID market. Constantly promoting new technologies, their broad portfolio enables ACURA to efficiently deploy large scale RFID solutions.

Headquartered in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, ACURA is located in one of the most important sites for the RFID market in Brazil, at the heart of a strong collaboration network between companies and RFID research institutions, locally and internationally. The most prominent RFID applications being deployed are Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing and Agriculture and Food. Also on the rise are RFID applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Experiencing steady growth in the RFID market of Brazil, Times-7 is pleased to welcome ACURA Global as their new distributor in South America and is looking forward to exploring new opportunities together.

“We are looking forward to promoting Times-7 antennas, as they are an excellent supplement to our existing product portfolio and perfectly fit our needs to attend our clients”, says Marcos Honda, CEO of Acura Global.

“Alongside with our new partner and distributor, we will not only meet the growing demand for our products, but also reach out to a new customer base for our high-quality and unique SlimLine UHF antennas”, says, Jos Kunnen, CEO of Times-7.


ACURA Global, headquartered in Brazil, is a pioneer in the market of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Since the early 90s ACURA has successfully implemented RFID technology in large scale applications. ACURA’s RFID systems have many applications in the commercial, utility and industrial sectors of the economy. Our applications include mining to steel production, agriculture to food processing, logistics to retailing, transports to distribution chain and access control to active management. ACURA RFID Systems is very agile, promoting new technologies and innovation, with a business-like focus on the viability of R&D projects.

For more information, visit www.acura.com.br


Times-7 are specialists in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) UHF antenna design and manufacture. The award-winning SlimLine range is unique and innovative - sought by customers who desire superior reliability and optimised performance in a unique aesthetic form. Proven in a diverse and growing range of applications, including: retail & customer interaction, conference & people tracking, event & race timing, airport baggage handling, and logistics & supply chain asset management.

For more information, visit www.times-7.com