Times-7’s RF Engineer First to be Certified by RFID Professional Institute

Times-7 is proud to announce that their Senior RF Engineer Prabakar Parthiban has passed the certification exam and is now the first officially certified RF professional in New Zealand. The vendor-neutral certificate issued by the non-profit organisation RFID Professional Institute reflects high levels of professionalism and in-depth RFID knowledge. The examination was conducted for the RFID Professional Institute by the New Zealand RFID Pathfinder Group, of which Times-7 is a founding member.

Prabakar Parthiban – first certified RFID professional

Our Senior RF Engineer has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, is currently researching in antennas for his Ph.D. at the AUT University, New Zealand. Prabakar has published conference papers in highly reputable institutions like IEEE. His knowledge is indispensable for our Times-7 team and customers. He has hands-on experience designing laboratory radio frequency systems and antennas and utilises his skills and expertise to accurately tune and further advance and develop our antenna product portfolio. Being part of the quality control system at Times-7, he ensures that all antennas shipped to our customers are absolutely on par!

Now his valuable skills and knowledge around RFID have been officially certified by an independent organisation. To provide their clients with best support in UHF RFID, Times-7 plans to have more Times-7 staff to follow Prabakar’s steps and become certified.

RFID Professional Institute – Professionalism through Certification

Around fifty years after the commercialisation of RFID systems, a group of professionals in the RFID industry founded the RFID Professional Institute in 2012. RFID is receiving more attention worldwide, and the list of industries that implement RFID systems is growing. However, it is the institute’s firm belief, that the industry can only grow substantially if it has a large pool of well-trained professionals and a system for verifying the knowledge and skills of this group.

For more information about the Professional Certification Scheme and the RFID Professional Institute, please visit their websites or contact the New Zealand RFID Pathfinder Group.​


Times-7 pushes the boundaries of RFID performance and aims to be the most advanced and responsive UHF antenna manufacturer worldwide. Our UHF antennas lead in quality and design and will meet the needs of virtually any industry application; providing customers with fast accurate tracking of products, assets & people and empowering organizations to transform processes & reduce costs.

Our SlimLine range of antennas is unique in the RFID industry. They offer proven high levels of performance, durability & aesthetics, in a diverse & growing range of markets. RFID applications include retail & customer interaction, conference & people tracking, event & race timing, baggage handling, and logistics & supply chain management.

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