Times-7 Antennas Enable RFID Worldwide

«Globally recognised for quality design and manufacture of ultra-high frequency (UHF) antennas, Times-7 has orders pouring in for its new A5020 model – another piece of the company’s niche technology for enabling RFID solutions that track well-defined items in diverse industrial, retail and healthcare environments.

The A5020 puts Times-7 even more firmly on the map as take-up of RFID surges in North America, Asia and Europe. The antenna – made using an aluminium composite material that is precision cut to the company’s patented design – creates exactly the read field that is required in many situations.

It is the second model since Times-7 shifted gear in 2015 to begin high volume production of antennas that are engineered and manufactured to world-best standard but are also sufficiently low cost for mass deployment in large-scale RFID applications. Thousands of Times-7 antennas are now going into manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail stores and hospitals where there is high value in identifying and tracking products, assets, tools, medical devices and so on. Large applications of the previous, A5010 model include the baggage-handling operations of Delta Airlines across the US. (...)»


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The article was published first in the SCAN Magazine Issue 44 November 2017.