Download Our New Product Catalog!


We are pleased to share with you our new product catalog! Our current product information can be found in one place; ordering has never been easier.  

The new catalog represents our unique portfolio of ultra-slim RAIN RFID antennas. All A5020 products and associated accessories and cables are now included.  

This selector guide has all the information you need to figure out which model fits your space, specs, and environment. We have even rearranged and grouped the antenna types to make it simpler to find the right one for your deployment.  

We can also customize a design to meet specific requirements if your customer needs a specialised antenna for their project. Our team are always happy to discuss your customer's projects to discover what is right for them.  

Download the new product catalog here. Let us know what you think! 

To make an order, please email or call us on +64 4 974 6466.