Meet Jack McCrea: Our new Sales and Operations Planning Manager

Meet Jack McCrea, our newest team member at Times-7, a supply chain expert driving growth and efficiency. Jack joined us in June 2023 with an impressive background in logistics who brings a fresh perspective to our team. Let’s get to know Jack and discover the qualities that make him a perfect fit for Times-7. 

Embracing the Growth at Times-7 

When asked about his decision to join Times-7, Jack shares his excitement for being part of a company in a growth phase. He recognizes the potential for innovation and is drawn to our brand and products. For Jack, being part of a dynamic team during such a transformative period is a thrilling opportunity. 

Diverse background in logistics  

With a diverse background in operations and logistics, including roles as a Logistics Officer for the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), Operations Manager for a mattress company, and Global Supply Chain Manager for a snow ski manufacturer, Jack brings a wealth of experience to his role at Times-7. 
"As part of the ongoing success in my newly established role is the implementation of a streamlined Sales and Operations Plan that is cross-functional and efficient. This is an exciting opportunity to work as a tight-knit team to zero in on our supply and demand balance long-term," Jack McCrea. 

Collaboration: A Shared Value 

“In my short time here, I’ve appreciated the collaborative environment at Times-7. From product development to process improvements, a great ground-up mentality creates buy-in across the whole team” – Jack McCrea.  

Passions Beyond the Workspace 

Outside of work, Jack is an avid sports enthusiast. A passionate football fan, he actively participates in various sporting events. Jack is always looking to stay active and challenge himself. Recently, he has taken up Wing foiling, a wind-based sport that has been thrilling and entertaining.  

When asked about any accomplishments he“s proud of in his personal and professional life, he responds: “Until about 10 months ago, it would have been a more difficult question to answer, but since my son Henry was born, there have been plenty of proud dad moments”. 

As we welcome Jack McCrea to the Times-7 team, we are excited about his potential to fuel our growth and contribute to our success. His wealth of experience in supply chain and passion for collaboration aligns perfectly with our company’s vision. Let us warmly welcome Jack to Times-7!