veRFIDa! Packing Station

veRFIDa! (Packing Station) veRFIDa! (Packing Station)


A revolutionary solution for decentralized retail packing & shipment verification, using UHF RFID.

veRFIDa! is a powerful, but compact Packing Station offering fast and reliable tag reads of packages with high tag density. 

It has gone through meticulous in-house testing conducted by Times-7's highly-qualified engineers.

100 % Read Accuracy

During testing, it consistently read 500 tags in a densely tagged box, 500 times.

Speed test

In perfect conditions, this product can read up to 1000 tags per second.

Product Overview

veRFIDa! is a Packing Station system that can be bench mounted in a vertical position. The lightweight and liftable hood is RF reflective and thus prevents stray reads. veRFIDa! is multi-linearly polarised and is designed to have tilted and non-static RF fields. Thanks to its powerful and complex antenna array, veRFIDa! reads 500 tags reliably with 100% accuracy. A speed test has also proven that it can read up to 1000 tags within one second.

The Background

As the e-commerce landscape is evolving, many organisations are creating agile, decentralised supply chains. Warehouses are becoming smaller relying increasingly on RAIN RFID systems for tracking and verification to meet the demands of same-day delivery or pick-up from a local store.

Challenge With Current Approach

Large RFID enabled distribution centres use high performing RFID tunnels with great throughput to verify packed goods before they can be processed and shipped. These tunnels are expensive, consume a lot of real estate and require more technical resources to be set-up. That makes them unsuitable for small warehouses and retail back offices.

Alternative fixed reader solutions using single multi-patch antenna arrays are smaller and cheaper but struggle to achieve the performance of a tunnel using 4 high gain multi-patch array antennas in different orientations.

veRFIDa! delivers the benefits of both solutions and can read boxes with various densely tagged items.

The Benefits

✓ Lightweight: Weighs approx. 10 kg

✓ Low cost: A fraction of the cost of similarly performing products

✓ Ease-of-deployment: Minimal labour required

✓ Compact: Much less real estate required, unlike a tunnel system

✓ Reader Compatibility: The system can accommodate any four-port UHF RFID reader

✓ Excellent RF performance: Can read 1000 densely packed tags per second as well as sparsely packed liquid & metal assets


veRFIDa! has been nominated for Best New Product at the RFID Journal Awards 2020. Watch the webinar below.

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Reliable Reads, Trusted Results. Technical Specifications
Dimensions Closed position: 820 mm x 550 mm x 695 mm
Frequency Range 902-928MHz (FCC); 865-867MHz (ETSI) and Upper ETSI band
Connector Type 4 SMA female connectors
Antenna Gain 7 dBi
Download Datasheet veRFIDa! (Packing Station) datasheet (PDF)

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