Aware Innovations

Aware Innovations

At Aware Innovations, we give businesses the power and visibility to make intelligent decisions by providing improved process, supply chain, and asset visibility through innovative and modern solutions. We know that tracking assets and inventory are important. We also know that it can be labor-intensive and vulnerable to error.

ItemAware gives you full visibility of your assets and all designated locations (trucks, sheds, job sites, etc.). This lets you know when an item is missing or has been put in the wrong location.

Tracking tools, equipment, materials, and more allows you to prevent loss and virtually eliminate lost items' costs, ensure compliance, maximize utilization, and track inspections & certifications.

Implementing an RFID tracking system is the solution thousands of businesses worldwide have chosen to save time and money. Our ltem Aware software helps locate, track and sense what matters to your business using RFID, barcodes, BLE, cellular GPS, and other automatic identification and data capture technologies.

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