Connector Protection Backplate

Connector Protection Backplate Connector Protection Backplate

Do you want to add more ruggedness and support to your A5020 or A5010 antenna? Some industrial applications require the antenna connector to be protected from hits due to moving machinery in the work environment. To provide extra-ruggedness, we have designed a Connector Protection Backplate. 

The Connector Protection Backplate can be flush mounted, or VESA mounted. To install the backplate, attach it to the rear side of the antenna. The backplate bends over the connector, held on via the mounting holes. The backplate can be used with right-angled and straight cables. 

For the mechanical drawings of the backplates, please refer to the antenna datasheet linked in the table below.

Order information for the Connector Protector Backplates can be found in the table below.

Product Code Part Number    
A5010 Backplate 72039
A5020 Backplate 72394

A5010 and A5020 Backplate