Impinj xSpan

Impinj xSpan Impinj xSpan

Continuous, Hands-free Monitoring
Installs overhead or on walls to automatically monitor items within a rectangular space for always-on connectivity 


Real-Time Item Identification and Movement
Monitor inventory and track item movement along a single axis


Plug and Play
Integrated system streamlines the deployment process and minimizes installation costs


Rectangular Area Monitoring

A single xSpan gateway has a field of view up to 1,000 ft2 (93 m2 ); coverage extended with multiple gateways

Track Movement in Real-Time

Track movement in one dimension

Platform Ready

Leverage ItemSense software for large-scale data aggregation and device management

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A5020 Linear Extreme Antenna

A5020 Linear Extreme Antenna

The A5020 LX Linear Extreme sets new benchmarks for ruggedness and performance, being able to operate in temperatures as low as -90°C (-130°F) and withstand high pressure water cleaning, due to its IP69K rating. It sets a new benchmark in performance, innovation and reliability.

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