Our Company Values 

At Times-7, our values are our guiding light. They drive how we work together, show up for our community, and shape our aspirations. They influence our business decisions and how we ultimately serve our customers.

The following core values and beliefs define what's important to us at Times-7:

Standing us apart from our competitors, our responsiveness is legendary, and it is a brand value of which we are very proud. We respond promptly and accurately to customer requests. We think beyond the request and proactively support our customers. It is important to adapt and develop our processes and service to meet the needs of our customers.





With marketing, engineering, and manufacturing under “one roof,” we have a unique opportunity to collaborate and deliver world-class solutions. This approach extends to our work with our partners and customers, listening to their needs and being a part of their success.




Whether it is our financially sustainable goals, our vision of maintaining a sustainable talent pipeline or our continuous focus on environmental sustainability - we always have an eye on the future and the part we play in it.





Innovation fuels our growth and is uniquely supported by our design and production structure. Being located in New Zealand gives us the advantage of seeing the world from a distance – watching trends and developments and using our innovative approach to adapt to meet the needs of our customers.



More than just experience, we are the authority on RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas. We are held up as the authority and don’t take this responsibility lightly. Our single purpose allows us to stay focused on what we are good at and continue learning and building our expertise.




This brand value has special meaning for us; we are proud to be a company our customers and stakeholders can rely on. Not only do we do what we say, but our products also do what they should, and we are very protective of our reliability.






We firmly believe in valuing every individual and ensuring respect is upheld in all operations. Respect is not only a fundamental principle we embrace within our company culture, but it also fosters a positive and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued and collaboration thrives.



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