Times-7’s new large True NearField Antenna Series

Times-7 are excited to be launching our new True NearField Antenna range! 
True NearField Antennas have only a weak electronic field and operate using the magnetic field on the antenna’s surface only. Their unique abilities open a wide range of opportunities to improve the read accuracy in a variety of applications, where far field antennas would fail. 

General Near field antenna benefits:

Close proximity tag reading 
Avoid unwanted stray reads
Ideal for liquids and metals tracking

What makes Times-7 Near field antennas so special:

No surface dead zone
Times-7 True near field antennas operate using magnetic energy radiator only (less far-field components than common NF antennas in the market)
The Times-7’s near-field antenna design is the first and only antenna that can scale in size.
Very large footprint available, which lowers the cost and complexity during installation as less readers, cables etc are required
Image: Times-7 True NearField Antenna series: A1115, A1130 & A1163

Applications for UHF RFID Near Field Antennas 

Times-7 True NearField Antennas can be used for a wide range of applications, which require to read tags in a very close range and focused read zones.


The proximity read range of near-field antennas used in shelving applications allows for tracking items on each individual shelf avoiding stray reads in neighbouring shelves or items which are passing by. This allows for a more defined and focussed read area, in which you gain visibility over the items that you want to track.


Near-field antennas are ideal for applications involving liquid in either the item or the storage environment of the items. Liquids absorb the RF radiation and decrease the read zone.  A near-field antenna will achieve stronger read results because of the close proximity to the tracked item which means that minimal RF radiation will be absorbed by the liquid.

Metal applications

Metal environments affect the performance of far-field antennas in such a way, that it lowers the gain or reflects the RF energy, resulting in an inconsistent and unpredictable read range and read losses. These issues can be avoided by using near-field antennas, due to the fact, that these antennas operate using the magnetic field on the antennas surface only.


Using a near-field antenna for POS systems is a great way to reduce the time of identifying each item at the check-out counter. An NF antenna can instantly and correctly identify all items that are placed on the antenna so long as the items are tagged appropriately. Having the items in close proximity to the near-field antenna means that any item moving past or around the antenna cannot be unintentionally read, which could result in the customer paying for items they did not want to purchase.

Which tag to use

The read range will vary depending on the used tag. To achieve a very defined read zone on the surface of the antenna, it is recommended to use a pure near-field tag appropriately to the tracked item.  
If you think a Times-7 True NearField antenna can solve your problems, then get in touch with the Times-7 team at sales@times-7.com

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