How we got our name: The Story Behind Times-7


Did you know that our company name is inspired by the incredible speed at which radio waves emitted by our antennas can travel? In just one second, they can circumnavigate the globe seven us the name Times-7! Learn more about how Times-7 came about, where we are now, and where we are heading.

The beginning of RFID

In the 19th century, the earliest concept of RFID surfaced during Michael Faraday’s experiments with electromagnetic energy involving lights and radio waves. However, in the mid-20th century, RFID technology started to take form.

Today, RFID radio waves are one of the key technologies in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing for seamless data exchange on a global scale. RFID technology enables seamless wireless communication to uniquely identify and track objects, animals, or individuals with remarkable precision and efficiency.

Times-7: Pioneers in the RFID antenna market

Harnessing the power of RFID technology, Times-7 opened in 2006 when we recognized the potential of emerging UHF RFID technology for sports timing systems. Former founder and current board member Antony Dixon was driven by a passion for sports, which led us to create our first race timing antenna. “We saw opportunities to focus on technology using ultra-high RFID for sports timing and looked at cycling as a niche,” says Antony. We developed and patented the innovative Race Timing Antenna System, enabling every participant in large sporting events to have their time accurately tracked.

We also recognized the demand for discreet and slimline antennas and became the first to leverage Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). Using ACM, we crafted super slim antennas that set new industry standards, offering unparalleled performance without compromising aesthetics. Our innovative approach redefined the possibilities of RFID antennas and fuelled progress in various sectors where seamless connectivity and efficient tracking were paramount.

The Underbelt antenna was our second product released in 2009, propelling our product offerings' expansion. Driven by our customer’s needs, we began shaping our antennas’ beams to offer various read zones. It enabled our customers to deliver cutting-edge tracking solutions across various applications, including retail clothing monitoring, patient tracking in medical facilities, freight tracking, and much more.  

Expanding horizons and diverse antenna offerings

In 2016 we entered the commodity market with designs such as the A5010 and its more compact version, the A5020. These antennas are truly versatile and boast ingress protection ratings as high as IP69K. The antennas are timeless and discreet, blending seamlessly into any environment. To this day, they are our highest-selling antennas.

A growing campus, a unified team, and global presence

In 2022, we moved to a new, expansive premise that houses our entire staff, from manufacturing to sales, marketing, and engineering. This unity enables us to answer all customer requests promptly, ensuring unequaled customer service. Today, we have over 300 antenna designs in our portfolio! We export our products to 55 countries, with primary markets in the US and Europe. Our vision is to become the leading RAIN RFID Antenna manufacturer, fuelling progress and innovation in the IoT industry.

Join us as we continue to grow and push the boundaries of RFID technology. Together we can unlock the future of limitless possibilities.  To become a part of our global partner network, contact us


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