A1030 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna

A1030 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna A1030 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna

Part of the SlimLine range of proximity / near field antennas, and with its ultra-low profile and unique size / surface design, the A1030 is a world first for the UHF near field antenna market.

Offering the world’s largest working surface in a near field antenna, and at just 6.5 mm / 0.25 in. thick, the A1030 is opening up new possibilities for item level RFID tracking where a short range read is required.

The A1030 antenna offers outstanding near field performance in an unique and optimised footprint. The near-field energy is evenly distributed over the antenna’s surface leaving no dead spots, which improves the workflow and eliminates stray tag-reads.

Highly durable, with flexible and easy mounting options, and with a fire retardant ABS radome, the A1030 is a rugged performer. And as the largest and thinnest near-field antenna around, the A1030 packs a sizeable punch in the world of UHF antennas.

In the A1030 near-field antenna, polarization is not applicable as the magnetic fields are used for communication. For more information read our article Near-field Antennas for a more detailed explanation. 

Mounting Instructions

Please find the mounting instructions here.

A1030 Technical Specifications
Dimensions 300 mm x 300 mm x 6.5 mm || 11.8" x 11.8" x 0.35"
Frequency Range 902-928MHz (FCC); 865-868MHz (ETSI)
Connector Type SMA female standard
Antenna Gain -15 dBi
Download Datasheet A1030 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna datasheet (PDF)

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