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We recognize our outstanding partners, highlight their accomplishments, and discover what inspires them as part of this new blog series. Since partnering with Atlas RFID, we've seen substantial growth in our business. Each partner of ours has a unique story to tell.  

Founded in 2008, atlasRFIDstore is a trusted source in the RFID hardware industry. They are a global retailer providing customers with a secure, one-stop location where you can buy RFID components for your own systems and applications. Suzanne Smiley, the head of marketing and content at Atlas RFID, spoke with us about the Atlas / Times-7 partnership and their plans for 2022. 

When and What led Atlas RFID to become a Times-7 Reseller?  

After checking out their expansive portfolio of RFID antennas, Atlas became a Times-7 reseller back in 2012. As a result of discussing Times-7“s history and expertise, we decided they were a company we wanted to partner with. 

Why did you choose to partner with Times-7? 

Times-7 has an impressive portfolio of RFID antennas for a wide variety of RFID applications, even early in the RFID industry. Their impressive portfolio, excellent customer service, and incredible knowledge base surrounding RFID antennas has made this a great relationship! 

What does Atlas RFID do, and what value do you bring to your customers? 

We help people take their organizations to the next level by providing on-demand access to IoT, education, technology, and services. We are a global retailer providing our customers a one-stop location where they can find the components they need to build their systems and applications. Our team focuses on creating the absolute best customer experience, and our sales engineers are highly trained in the field of RFID and are ready to answer questions, big and small. 

How have Times-7 antennas helped your customers? Can you share any stories or case studies of successful deployment from your customers? 

Over the years, a few clients have come to us with specific antenna size and gain requirements that were not easily met. Because of Times-7's vast portfolio, we were able to meet those requirements and help these customers create unique RFID systems – one example is a very successful application that improves customer satisfaction in car dealerships. 

What differentiates Atlas RFID from other resellers? 

A few things set us apart from other resellers, and the first is that we won't sell someone RFID if it doesn't work for their application. We have potential customers reach out to us about their application, and sometimes RFID isn't the right technology for their application, and we explain that. We aren't trying to push RFID on customers, we are genuinely here to help them solve their problems, and we will recommend other solutions if it is in the customer's best interest. 

Another critical factor differentiating us from other resellers is that we only sell products that we test in-house and can support. We believe in high-quality RFID and barcode products that work and last, and we always strive to maintain that high standard. 

What is the key to a successful technology partnership? 

Trust. For a partnership to be successful, the key is trust on all fronts. Trust in the product's quality, performance, and support is crucial as you would never want to use a product you can't rely on when you need it most. Furthermore, trust in the partner you are working with may be even more critical. To be successful, you need a partner you can trust to recommend the best technology for you or your customers' needs, who is willing and able to support that technology, and dedicated to helping you be successful.  
What are the key advantages of RAIN RFID over other technologies? 

The most significant advantages are locating items without line of sight on average 20 feet in distance and reading hundreds of items at once. Every year, RAIN RFID is becoming more sensitive with the ability to reach farther read distances, making it ideal for all applications. It's been exciting to watch the industry grow over the past decade. 
What plans does Atlas RFID have for the future?   

Atlas will continue to focus on the customer experience by expanding its educational content (articles, videos, and eBooks), adding new, quality products, enhancing account management and consultation, and integrating several systems to ensure quick, accurate shipments. 

Thank you to Suzanne for the insight into what Atlas RFID does and how you add value to your customers. Atlas RFID can be found here if you want to learn more about them.  

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