Mounting Plates

Mounting Plates Mounting Plates

Times-7 provides Mounting Plates for a wide range of antenna models. All Mounting Plates with industry-standard VESA mount (100 x 100 mm) have been designed with installation simplicity in mind and cater for both interior and exterior mounting requirements under all environmental conditions.

For the mechanical drawings of the Mounting Plates, please refer to the antenna datasheet linked in the table below.

Order information for the Mounting Plates per antenna model can be found in the table below.

Antenna Model Part number    
A6031/B6031 71631
A1130 72093
A4030C/L 72094
A6032 71632
A6034S 71633
A6034 71634
A5060/A1163 72095
A1115 71757 (6M studs)
A1115 71943 (4M studs)

Click here for our easy to follow instruction guide on how to attach the Mounting Plates to the antennas. 


The Universal Mounting Plate as shown in Fig. 1 for antenna model A1115 is available with M4 and M6 studs.


Shown in Fig.2 is the Mounting Plate for antenna model A5060. Similar Mounting Plates are available for other antenna models. For more information please refer to the datasheet of the required antenna linked in the table above.

Mounting Plates Technical Specifications
Dimensions Refer to antenna model datasheet
Frequency Range N/A
Connector Type N/A
Antenna Gain N/A
Download Datasheet Mounting Plates datasheet (PDF)

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